CAAM EXHIBIT: Robert Pruitt: Devotion September 12, 2018 – February 17, 2019 curated by: Mar Hollingsworth, Visual Arts Curator and Program Manager

California African American Museum   Houston-born, New York-based artist Robert Pruitt has worked in a variety of media for more than a decade. Through drawing, sculpture, animation, and photography, he illuminates connections between spiritual traditions, fictional narratives, and technology and investigates how black identity can reside at the intersection of these arenas. Pruitt is especially... Continue Reading →

Whoopi Goldberg on How Laughter – and the Holidays – Might Just Bring Americans Together

Whoopi Goldberg may talk current events and politics all day as the long-running moderator of ABC’s “The View,” but the talk show host is hoping her latest project will offer Americans a “respite” from the news. Goldberg is turning her passion for the holidays into a festive collection of bold, statement-making sweaters for Zappos. Launched just in... Continue Reading →

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