Pitbull sends private plane to Puerto Rico to bring cancer patients to U.S. for chemo

https://youtu.be/h6Zskh6Hitk The American rapper known as Pitbull is sending his private plane to Puerto Rico so that cancer patients can receive treatment in the United States. Puerto Rico Congresswoman Jenniffer González thanked the singer, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, for his good deed on Twitter Tuesday. “Thank you @pitbull for lending your private... Continue Reading →

‘Get Christie Love’ Reboot In The Works 40 Years After Teresa Graves Made TV History

https://youtu.be/7LYZhNZCDIY Get Christie Love is headed back to ABC. The short-lived 1970s cop drama spawned from an ABC TV movie of the same name will get the reboot treatment courtesy of Vin Diesel. The movie superstar has teamed up with Powercreator Courtney Kemp and Debra Martin Chase (The Princess Diaries) for the Get Christie Love TV reboot, according to the Hollywood Reporter.... Continue Reading →

‘Blade Runner 2049’ First Reactions Praise Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Mind-Blowing’ and ‘Masterpiece’ Sequel

https://youtu.be/gCcx85zbxz4   The first reactions are pouring in from critics who have seen “Blade Runner 2049,” and to call them “great” would be a massive understatement. Words like “masterpiece” are being thrown around by more than one critic when talking about Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated sequel, which means you’ll probably want to order tickets right now... Continue Reading →

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