“The Midnighters” Premieres at the 20th Annual Phoenix Film Festival

The Phoenix Film Festival is the place to be this weekend…and The Midnighters is the film to see! Response to the film has been excellent as you’ll discover in the review below.
“The Midnighters” Premieres at the 20th Annual Phoenix Film Festival
First-time filmmaker Julian Fort will premiere his crime thriller “The Midnighters” at the 2017 Phoenix Film Festival (PFF). Starring Leon Russom (“True Grit”) as Victor, a 35 year ex-convict and expert safe-cracker, and Gregory Sims as his long-lost son, the two are reunited to pull of one last and very profitable bank heist. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, this cinematically gorgeous film will leave you guessing until the bitter end.
“The Midnighters” creates the perfect balance of love and disdain for Vince. As the tension builds gradually, we grow to truly care for this ex-con, but still see that he is making one bad decision after another. His love for his son may be the ultimate crime for which he may not be prepared to pay the price. Filled with crossing and double-crossing, it’s a wonderfully intense thriller—a roller coaster ride of drama. READ MORE
The Midnighters is Directed by Julian Fort, Produced by Adam Carl & Julian Fort, and stars Leon Russom, Gregory Sims, John Wesley, Stuart McLean, Costa Ronin, Eve Mauro, with Larry Cedar and Charles Dierkop

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