Meet a Few of the Co-Host for America Out Loud Talk Radio’s ‘Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure’


‘Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure’ premiers on America Out Loud Radio Network, Saturday, April 8, 2017

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure promises to be socially-sophisticated, and a culturally-diverse show that will provide plenty of talk for the water cooler. The show is edgy – but in reality we are simply talking about topics and feelings that most people think about but never say. I call it the ‘Out Loud Truth’.

Meet a few of your Co-Hosts:

Gayl Murphy


Gayl Murphy is a Media Entrepreneur! A Media Expert, an award-winning Hollywood Correspondent, Media and Presentational Coach, Speaker and Author of “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered! The Insider’s Guide To Giving A Killer Interview!”

As an Entertainment Correspondent, Gayl specializes in interviewing the industry’s biggest stars. Based in Hollywood, she has worked with many of the top news outlets including; ABC News, BBC News, SKY News and E! to name a few. The media-savvy Murphy has been up-close and personal with about 15,000 of the most famous celebrities and newsmakers. As evident in the pages of the, NY Post,, The Daily Beast, Popeater,, The Guardian Newspaper,, The Independent Newspaper, and among others.

“Interview Tactics!” was named one of the TOP 20 BUSINESS BOOKS of 2010 by the San Francisco Examiner. In their outreach to entrepreneurs they were asked to to identify, “What business books have made such an impact on you and your business, so profound, that it changed the way you do business? These books can be powerful tools to build, develop and grow your business.”

“Gayl Murphy’s book ‘Interview Tactics’ is ‘a must’ for preparing talent and filmmakers in the vast arena of movie marketing.” – Columbia Pictures

Dr. Andrea Pennington


Dr. Andrea Pennington (@DrAndrea) is an integrative medicine physician, acupuncturist & bestselling author specializing in longevity, self-love, sexual wellbeing and mindfulness. As host of Sensual Vitality-TV she brings her unique ‘nerdy’ blend of medical science, Chinese medicine, positive psychology and meditation to empower women to show up authentically, love passionately and live orgasmically.

Dr. Andrea is a regular health, beauty and wellness expert featured on television and radio programs around the world. She has served as a luxury lifestyle and beauty reporter for LUXE-TV providing daily reports on wellness-inspiring products, destinations and events around the world for 4 years.

As a highly sought-after television industry consultant, medical journalist and author with 20+ years experience in TV production, marketing and media distribution, Dr. Andrea has successfully maintained national media attention as on-air talent and Spokesperson for the largest global media brands including Discovery Channel, the Oprah Winfrey Show & Huffington Post.

Iben Thranholm


Iben Thranholm examines political and social events with focus on their religious aspects, significance and moral implications. She is one of Denmark’s most widely read columnists on such matters. Thranholm is a former editor and radio host at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), at which she created a religious news program that set a new standard for religious analysis in the newsroom. She has traveled extensively in the Middle East, Italy, the United States and Russia to carry out research and interviews. She has been awarded for her investigative research into Danish media coverage of religious issues.

About America Out Loud

The America Out Loud Network leverages content from proven experts to maximize and provide valuable insight to busy professionals and families. From hard news impacting our societal, political and cultural scenes to talker-type stories that embrace the human spirit. Welcome to your daily dose of insight and inspiration. Learn more at


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