Music Icon Tony Saunders Talks: What Makes a Great Vocal?

“I was asked last night on an interview what makes a great vocal. I used to play in a lot of cover bands and there is an art to singing someone else songs. You have to remind your audience of the song you are singing without distracting from what a singer has already made famous. To sing a new song and be able to put emotion, joy and love into a song and make someone feel it is what singing a great song is all about. You must show that you are a great singer and do amazing things with your vocals.


I am emotionally moved each time I hear the song For These Reasons. I know that Sakai sang this with all she had in her. If you want to hear a great vocal listen to how she draws you in on the first verse, second verse tears at your heart, bridge sets you up for the out chorus and then she sings like an angel and hits notes with the style and grace of Minnie Ripperton’s Loving you. She makes it a Sakai song and leaves your heart wanting more….


Listen to For These Reasons download it let us know you want to make progress up the charts

Tony Saunders The Romance continues because of these great vocals done by Sakai T Smith


Two-time Emmy winning bassist Tony Saunders has played and recorded with an astounding list of musical greats including Eric Clampton, David Crosby, Jo Sample, Chaka Khan, Ringo Starr, Bo Diddley, The Hawkins Family among others. Saunders continues to record his own projects and produces for an impressive list of talent at his state of the art studio in Northern California. The Uptown Jazz CD was released in March 2016, and the single Uptown Jazz climbed to number 5 on the Adult Contemporary Groove Jazz Charts. Learn more at



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