Yvette Araujo pens ‘The Fallen’ Book Series

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12605510-author-yvette-araujoYvette Araujo
Author, The Fallen book series

What inspired you to write your first book?
I am and always have been inspired and intrigued by the diversity of cultures, religions and individuals of spirit, albeit, evil or good. There is a fine line, what appears as blessing, may be the door to a darker side (i.e., a lottery ticket, fame at an early age etc. While great tragedies, assassination of great leaders, horrific natural disasters, may be the opening of change for the betterment of mankind. Understanding, not necessarily agreeing, but withholding judgement and learn[ing], less criticiz[ing].

Do you have a specific writing style?
No boundaries. Fin.

What books have most impacted your life (or life as a writer)?
James Patterson, Ray Bradbury, National Geographic as well as Discovery.

What books are you currently reading? Why this author?
I am currently not reading a book, the brain is constantly…

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