Women In Music 2014: The 50 Most Powerful Executives in the Industry


This year the industry’s top players weren’t just changing the business in the label, publishing and touring worlds, they also were changing jobs, and the shake-ups are reflected in Billboard’s 10th annual rankings. As the industry itself evolves, so do the people making the biggest waves within it. Every facet of the wide world of music is represented in our list of profiles, from television networks to law firms, agencies to labels, streaming strategists and public radio producers.

We congratulate all of this year’s honorees, and look forward to seeing how they change the industry in the new year.

CHECK THE LIST HERE: http://www.billboard.com/6363557/michele-anthony-women-in-music-2014

1. Michele Anthony
2. Julie Greenwald
3. Jody Gerson
4. Kathy Willard
5. Julie Swidler
6. Brenda Romano
7. Debra Rathwell
8. Amanda Marks
9. Jennifer Breithaupt
10. Debra Lee
11. Marsha Vlasic
12. Lee Anne Callahan-Longo
13. Jennifer Justice
14. Sharon Dastur
15. Lia Vollack
16. Jennifer Knoepfle
17. Candace Berry
18. Michelle Jubelirer
19. Alissa Pollack
20. Monica Escobedo
21. Sandi Spika Borchetta
22. Natalia Nastaskin
23. Deborah Curtis
24. Anne Stanchfield
25. Barbara Carr
26. Tifanie Van Laar-Frever
27. Ethiopia Habtemariam
28. Maureen Ford
29. Sylvia Rhone
30. Julie Gurovitsch
31. Samantha Kirby Yoh & Sara Newkirk Simon
32. Sarah Moll
33. Jenna Adler
34. Alexandra Patsavas
35. Cara Lewis
36. Marcie Allen
37. Amy Stevens
38. Vivien Lewit
39. Anya Grundmann
40. Martha Henderson
41. Mary Ann McCready
42. Amy Doyle
43. Ali Harnell
44. Heidi Browning
45. Allison Kaye
46. Jessica Besack
47. Gabriela Martinez
48. Lisa Licht
49. Ty Stiklorius
50. Britt Morgan-Saks


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