ICYMI: Netflix at Variety’s Music Summit

https://youtu.be/ZEa8U7_8p90 “It all came from a level of trust that the cast had with us to tell their story,” said Kevin Bartel, an executive producer on Netflix’s upcoming reality series “Westside,” during a panel discussion moderated by executive music editor Shirley Halperin at Variety’s Music for Screens Summit, held Tuesday at NeueHouse in Hollywood. The eight-episode series includes... Continue Reading →


EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Obama Reads From Her Forthcoming Memoir ‘Becoming’

Michelle Obama's new memoir Becoming, about her life from childhood through the White House years, comes out Tuesday. NPR was provided an exclusive listen Monday to two sections of the audio book, read by Obama herself. https://www.npr.org/2018/11/12/666323845/exclusive-michelle-obama-reads-from-her-forthcoming-memoir-becoming AUTHORS AND ARTIST MAGAZINE - SUBSCRIBE TODAY

A True Believer Remembers Stan Lee

Stan Lee" was a pseudonym. Which is to say: an alter ego. A larger-than-life persona whose secret identity was that of not-particularly-mild-mannered writer Stanley Martin Lieber. Stan Lee's origin story lacks the cataclysmic, life-altering trauma suffered by the many heroic characters he co-created. But it is just as relatable, as it is marked by the... Continue Reading →


Show #108 (season 6, show 25) Debut: FRIDAY, NOV. 9 (7:30-8:00 p.m. ET/PT) “Death Inc.”: With more than 20,000 homicides so far, 2018 is on track to be Mexico’s deadliest year on record. In a country where over 90% of crimes go unsolved, searching for truth and justice can make you a target. Civilians, journalists... Continue Reading →

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